Graphics Driver Fails After Resume from Sleep

Hey all,

As you can see from the title, soon after resuming from sleep (within 30 seconds), my screen will sometimes flicker and go black. A few seconds later, it will be back to normal and Most of the time, I'll get a message that my graphics driver has failed. Rarely, the screen will go black permanently, forcing me to hard restart the system.

Could this be a psu issue? I RMA'd the first card with this issue. With that card, I would resume from sleep and immediately hit a black screen (the screen wouldn't turn on). On restart it would present me with a BSOD 116 (graphics driver failure).

Yes, I've updated/reinstalled my drivers.

i7-920 @ 3.0 ghz (Slight OC. I brought it down to stock from 3.6 ghz thinking that it might stop my issue).
evga gtx 470
6gb G.Skill 1600mhz (running well under 1600mhz)
750-watt Apevia Warlock Series

Any suggestions?

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  1. I have the exact same problem.

    I have recently performed a clean install, and, intermittently, I still have the graphics driver fail. I have also tried uninstalling and re-installing updated drivers to no avail.

    My specs:
    E8400 OCed to 4 ghz
    evga gtx 260
    4gb ram
    850 watt cool master psu

    Sorry that I'm of no help. But at least you're not alone.
  2. Is your GPU overclocked? If yes clock it to stock levels and then see
  3. I started this same thread on the EVGA site and got some responses. I cleaned out the registry and a whole laundry list of other things.

    The card was not OC'd. I think that it was a faulty card, because when I replaced it, things went back to normal.

    EDIT: Added link.
  4. You said you replaced it? RMA?
    Also your CPU oc has nothing to do with this you can bring it up to your 3.6GHz if it is stable after prime95 test :)
  5. I at one point had two 470s running. I RMAd my original, then things didn't work out running the new one. Got the original (or a replacement... whatever) back from RMA and RMAd the DOA one that I recently bought.

    Right now it's 99% stable, except every week or two I'll get a slightly different BSOD. This week was a 1a bsod. When I went into the bluescreen error viewer I have, it mentioned memory management.

    Here's what the bluescreen reader says:

    080111-37065-01.dmp 8/1/2011 8:56:27 PM MEMORY_MANAGEMENT 0x0000001a 00000000`00041284 00000000`4872a001 00000000`00035b5f fffff700`01080000 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe+7fd00 NT Kernel & System Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Microsoft Corporation 6.1.7601.17592 (win7sp1_gdr.110408-1631) x64 ntoskrnl.exe+7fd00
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