I get pci bridge driver problems since ive got a new graphics card

ive got a new ati radeon hd6450 and ive had a complete re install of windows 7 pro 64 bit and i get a error on device manager saying "on PCI standard ISA bridge no driver" plus i also have a hybrid crossfire capablity which doesnt seem to work either any help would be kool
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  1. What is your motherboard? Have you downloaded and installed the newest chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer or checked for a bios update?
  2. my motherboard is an ASrock M3a785mgh/128m ive downloaded the newest drivers from the asrock website for the windows 7 64 bit and bios im not sure how to update that so ive jus left it, jus strange that every thing was ok untill i reinstalled with a new graphics card.
  3. If you remove the card and boot using the integrated graphics do you still get the same error?
  4. i think ive found the problem I jus update my bios and it was gone but the hybrid crossfire capablity of my motherboard seems to be lacking somewhere after installin both, pci express card and intergraded drivers
  5. You can only hybrid crossfire with a 3450 or 3470, it's a pretty worthless technology IMO.
  6. yeah that kinda sucks looks like i'll have to buy a new motherboard lol and get another graphics cards well thanks anyway.
  7. Why? Just don't use hybrid crossfire, it's not like it's worth a crap anyways.
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