Z77 Pro3 and i5 3570K - any incompatibilities/issues?

I was going to buy an i5 2400k with my Z77 Pro3, but the nice man at Micro Center offered me a $50 discount with the 3570K instead. Any problems with Ivy Bridge or (mild) overclocking on this older motherboard? My wife thought I should have bought the Z77 Pro4, which I haven't researched. I thought the Pro3 should do fine.

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  1. The Pro3 will do just fine.
  2. My graphic card 6870 does not work on this board.
  3. I've read that a bios update fixes problems with certain boards. However, those were Nvidia boards, I think...

    Meanwhile, I've got it all assembled, the OS installed, how long do you think it will take before I start tweaking? (Not very long!)

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