First SLI setup- Is this GPU-z reading normal?

Hi, i have 2 gtx 460s 768mb running in SLI. GPU-z is showing me that the cards are running slightly differently and i expected them to share the graphics load, i thought that was the whole point?

one card has a slightly higher voltage, fan speed, temp. while the clock speeds are all massively greater.

I have 2 24inch full hd monitors (different brands) both plugged into a single card, and they are definately running in sli, i set it up in the Nvidia control panel. Is this monitor setup giving this result?
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  1. In non-Windowed/full screen gaming, the cards should be run (via SLI software sync/load sharing algorythms) at the lower of the two cards' GPU core/VRAM settings...
  2. When your using gpuz at wondows desktop, sli is not used so one card will do nothing, while the all the other has to do is process windows aero, which is a pretty light load. To test if its working just run a benchmark with one card, then two cards and see if you have a performance increase.
  3. ok, a little confused by your reply mdd1963, but i think i get what is going on and they do both run the same when im benchmarking.
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