No post after new heat sink

In short, I removed my mobo to replace stock heat sink with new one. The problem now is I can't get computer to POST. It is giving me 3 beeps indicating a ram problem. But the ram was fine right before I changed out heat sink. I was extremely cautious about esd touching my metal case first every time.

Specs: intel core i7-870 processor.
Intel dp55kg mobo
Nvidia gtx 870 video card.
2 sticks of 4g corsair Xms 3 DDR 3 ram
Corsair h60 hydro cool series heat sink, and stock i7 heat sink.
Xon-1000p14f 1000 w psu.

I currently have the pc bread boarded but I am getting no where. It will give me the 3 beeps and sometimes it won't. Fans and LEDs will all be on and stay on but I'm not able to get any picture. Please help, this computer is all I have in life.
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  1. Also meanwhile reset CMOS by unplug the battery for 5 min and reinstall (with electricity disconnected for all device monitor, speaker, etc).. see if it helps..

    Try unplug your ram, restart / turn on without ram (see if it beep). try using only one ram stick if it boot or not......

    I will also doublecheck the new Heatsink if it securely placed. no excess thermal paste...
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