New build refuses to install windows 7


I recently put this system together:

MSI P67A-G43 (B3)
Intel I5 2500k
Nvidia GTX 560 Ti SC
2x4GB of Patriot G2 DDR3 RAM

So upon building it, went into BIOS, everything was running great minus my 1666 RAM running at 1333, but I left it there for now.

I had a friend's windows 7 home edition CD, tried installing it and it gave me error code 0x8007005 right as it tried to install after formatting...tried two CDs that are legit non-burns....

I had an old XP 32 bit SP2...tried installing that and after one fail of installation it worked. This was a burned CD so I figured it could hav been the drive or the CD

After running XP for a few days I created a windows 7 bootable USB HD (I was an engineering student and had ISOs of windows 7 on my other comp.

Tried booting from the USB drive and at the format stage it says it's unable to format the partition....I reformat the drive with my XP CD and wipe out that OS then retry and it seems to accept the format and starts installing....then it gives me another error after 10% of it's installation has been completed.

I now get this error code 0x8007057! I give up....

Any ideas? The HD checks out in disk check and it formatted fine with XP so I can't figure out why it wont format OR install.

I also have read that my CD/DVD drive isn't compatible with W7 but how is that EVEN possible, at any rate I tried disabling it and using the USB device and still got the error.

Please HELP! Thank you!
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  1. check this microsoft Knowledge Base on your specific error
  2. I've read that, I didn't think it would be a permission error. I can try it, but my problem shouldn't have anything to do with permissions...

    Also it states that it pertains to "updates" and pertains to vista only. Not too helpful for me there.
  3. i found this answer on microsofts site.
    apply it as common sence dictates.


    If you have any non-essential devices attached to the system, try disconnecting them, Windows 7 setup might be attempting to detect them (example, external hard disk, thumb drive, printer).

    Also, depending on amount of RAM, try reducing to 1 stick or 1 GB and see if the installation completes then add the rest of memory back. Also, make sure all the components in the system unit are fitted and secured properly.
  4. Manually set your ram timings, voltage and speed in the bios. I've seen incorrect settings unable to install Windows Vista, but haven't seen it happen in Win7.
  5. Only thing I have plugged in is keyboard and mouth and a USB HD for booting, nothing else.

    I checked my RAM settings and they were running at what it should be aside from the MHz, i'll check to see if I missed an incorrect setting for some reason though, thank you.
  6. Whelp, after troubling shooting for another four hours or so....I decided to take out a stick of ram (4GB ) and magically it decided to install, after installation, popped it back in and it recognized it just fine....weird.
  7. weird, but as long as it works
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