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hey guys, might be about to order the cpu for my build, i currently only have my mobo and ram...

currently have gigabyte 990fxa ud3 - was on sale for $104 -.-
and have gskill 1866mhz 16gb - $130

but to skip all that boring stuff i was wondering which cpu to buy. not that i need it but i was going to go with the six core processor. i wont be gaming just multitasking and autocad and photoshop. lots of movies and music will be downloaded.

but the question i have for you guy would be should i go with the FX or stay with phenom II x6.. FX is like $30 bucks less but ive heard such bad reviews about them being worse than phenom.. i might overclock just a little to try it out.. they are both rated at 3.3ghz but the phenom has a turbo for 3.7, but then again the FX eight core is only ten dollars more than the Phenom II so would i be better off getting that.
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    I often find the above website useful when making processor recommendations. It’s worth comparing the two in your price range. The FX certainly seems to be up the top but the further down you go the sketchier it seems to get.
  2. yea well im not really worried about having to change out the ram. least of my worries. so would you say id kick myself over buying the FX x6 rather than spend the $30 bucks and get the 1100T phenom?
  3. In terms of graphics in general, the FX outperforms the Phenom II. Autocad is not part of Anandtech's benchmarks, but in all other graphics related programs the FX is faster. Therefore I would say that the FX is better for you.
  4. thanks for the help guys, ill most likely get the FX six core. i do play around in autocad/photoshop quite a bit and if its better with graphics as stated above then that would be my best option. my current computer is a couple years old and barely loads autocad 2012 -.- so anything will help lol.

    anyone had experience with the gigabyte 990fxa ud3? ive heard good reviews but im ready to power that bad boy up and see for myself.
  5. I have to admit I have always been a fan of Asus but recently bought a Gigabyte motherboard at a computer fair after bartering on price. The guy offered me the same chipset but by Gigabyte for less and I am really pleased with it. It’s a bit of a novelty feature but I really like being able to charge my iPod and Phone while my computer is switched off!
  6. thanks for the input guys, looks like im going with the FX x6. not i just gotta order it along with a psu and my gpu. i gotta find some money -.-
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