Hey guys, i'm looking to upgrade my pc with either a new CPU (From dual core to quad core) or a new Mobo+ram (From DDR2 to DDR3).

I currently have a AMD Athlon II x2 250 cpu, a J&W JW-A780LM DDR2 mobo with 2x2GB DDR2 800 memory modules. Now i went looking around for prices and i basically got both options for my budget. Both options are the same priced.

Option 1: AMD Athlon II x4 640 cpu (3.0Ghz Quad Core)

Option 2: MSI AMD 880G and SB710 DDR3 chipset with a Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM module.

As i said both options are same priced and also the price is basically all the cash i have so getting anything better isn't an option.

I basically just play games on my pc, so my question is this, what would i benefit more from in my games going from the Dual Core to the Quad core or from DDR2 800 to DDR3 1600?

BTW sorry if the question is confusing, idiotic or my terms are wrong. :)
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  1. DDR3 doesn't really perform that much better. It's better to upgrade your CPU. It is certainly is not worth it spending all your money just to get DDR3! I suppose unlocking is not possible on your current mobo?
  2. You already have a good rig; most games won't need four cores, and the propus 640 is not a good choice anyway. What is your video card brand and model?
  3. I have a Gainward GTS 450 GS(Golden Sample) Oced to [Core:940 Memory: 2100(4200)]

    The reason for the AMD Athlon II x4 640 cpu is because if i don't change motherboards the mobo i currently have is best paired with Athlon II processors, it says so on it's site. Also any Phenom cpu is gonna cost me too much.

    No unlocking isn't possible on this mobo
  4. my problem is similar, but unresolved... I would get the cpu if I were you
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