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Will this RAM work?

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September 17, 2012 4:19:51 AM

I asked a question earlier about issues with first time booting my new build and got no answers but I think I figured out the problem on my own anyway. So after not getting any beeps but the fans and LEDs going on and off and a yellow/green light on the board being on and no connection to the monitor, I played around with it some and got the fans an LEDS to stay on but still no connection to the monitor, only this time there was a new red light at the RAM, which from what I've been reading means there's a problem there. So I tested the RAM by using both sticks in every way possible and then each stick by itself in every slot possible as well but still had the red light every time. I don't understand why there would be a problem with the RAM I'm using unless both sticks are just bad.



The book doesn't have that RAM listed as "supported" but it has pretty much the same RAM except for Corsair's 4GB version of it as supported. It claims 4 X 4GB of the Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz is supported. So why wont 2 X 8? I don't get it...

I'm guessing I should return the RAM and I was wondering if 4 X 4GB of the low profile Corsair Vengeance would work with my mobo since it claims 4 X 4 of the other type will work but the low profile also isn't listed as supported RAM. Am I barking up the wrong tree and if so does anyone know of a good low profile RAM that WOULD work with my system with an i7 3770k and allow for me to use a Noctua NH-D14?

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September 17, 2012 4:56:43 AM

i had a similar problem. i have 2x4GB Vengeance RAM and i can only boot it in single channel configuration. (slot 1 and 2) what i would do is try your RAM on another system. go test it on your friends PC, or give it to a local tech shop, they will gladly test it for you. i got the guy who owns my local tech shop to do it for free because i go there often. he had the same problem with his brand new build. if it doesn't work, request an RMA from . they will try to blame your motherboard/CPU, but just tell them you had it tested on a different mainboard and CPU (even if you haven't) and they will say okay and send you some new ones. if they don't work either, sucks to be you, and you will have to blow another 80 or so dollars for new RAM. and, if your vengeance memory does work,(or if you buy new vengeance RAM) you can just chop off the top of the heatsinks if they are too big for your NH D14.