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I ordered a refurb I7-2600 w/16g of ram today. It comes with a "M206" Studio XPS card. When I ordered the PC, the rep and I discussed the PC being furnished with a Radeon 5670. After I paid, the confirmation email indicated that the system had the M206 graphics card...not the Radeon 5670. I called back to complain and Dell reduced the price by $100 (about what a 5670 costs). Does anyone know anything about the M206 card, and whether it's actually the 5670? Thanks so much
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  2. Thank you SO much. I have been using Google but obviously wasn't posing the right queries. Now, given the horsepower of my system, would you recommend a better graphics card? Would it be possible to purchase an additional 5670 and use them together? What would be the best gaming solution now that I have since I have some extra cash?

    To recap, I have I7-2600 @3.4ghz, 16mg DDR3, 2TB HD, 460 watt power supply. I'm wondering how I can improve upon or replace the 5670.......any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help!
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  4. I would not get another 5670 for crossfire, you will end up with only 5770 performance. also you may have issues as the 5670 you have has a dell BIOS it may be unable to crossfire with a standard 5670. You would possibly be able to run a 6850 from that PSU.
  5. Yeah, I read about putting the cards in crossfire mode......definitely would have to upgrade PSU. I think that I'll likely purchase another card but I might give the 5670 a try for starters.....there are worse cards....but I also want to get the most out of my config. I mean it should fly with the CPU and RAM I'm thinking.

    Thanks again for your help.
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