Build for the office, need reliability.


little background first, I've built 2 comps before, the most recent was a little over a year ago. So I have some experience.

What I need to do now: I am looking to do a custom build for our office, I need reliability more then anything..

This new comp will be replacing our windows 98 HP computer.

Budget $500-$600 (leaving me about 200 for a monitor)

Hard drive needs to be no bigger then 60gb (max) I think right now we are using around 3GB on the current comp.

So if I could get some suggestions to get me started. Thanks!
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  1. First, a good PSU help a lot in reliability in a computer.
    So, buy a APFC (80PLUS) power supply and this will help you.

    Like this one : Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2 Builder Series™ CX430
  2. Ok, what type of mobo should I be looking at (that's really the first step I guess).

    I've used Asus, and I love them. but they aren't cheap..
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