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Hello, I've been looking around for info of whether my PC has the capability to get a new graphics card. So far from looking in forums it seems so. I was about to buy a new one when my brother's PC's VGA to DVI Adapter broke, so instead of getting a new one, he just took out the graphics card and plugged in the VGA to the Onboard graphics. The graphics card is an ATI Radeon model, but the exact number I don't know. I vaguely remember that it was 3000 something, though not for sure. It does not say on the card itself, and I can't plug it back in to my brother's PC. My brother's PC is an Inspiron 530, mine's an Inspiron 580. They both have the same power supply, so I figured that his graphic card would work on my PC. I put the card on the PCI express slot and it fit perfectly, I took out the metal hole thing so the display outlets could reach the exterior and a put everything back together. So when I go to Device Manager to see if the graphics card was placed correctly, it doesn't show it. I was watching this video guide . The card's fan is running when the PC's on. Also unlike some of the newer ATI Cards (5770), this one doesn't need(or better said, have) a specific outlet where you can plug in the 6 pin cable thing from the power supply. The current onboard graphics I have is Intel HD Graphics, I disabled it and then tried looking for the new card in device manager but it still didn't show. I tried looking for it again after I downloaded the driver update thing for the ATI Radeon HD 3000(which ofcourse I wasn't 100% sure that was the model of my card). But I shouldn't have to do none of those things for the card to atleast just show up in device manager. What I'm a doing wrong?
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  1. If it helps, I found a photo of my graphics card, it looks exactly the same as the card on the bottom on this picture, except the red part is actually green.
  2. Okay here's a better picture, again only difference is the red part with all the chips is green and there's just one DVI outlet, and there isn't that circular black one, but an HDMI and another strange outlet, kinda looks like an usb port, but much slimmer.
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