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Issues big loss in FPS

I had my cpu set to 3.8ghz and under load it was at 56c with 19.0 multi and it was running stable, but I went and changed the NB settings and CPU voltage and now I have BIG LOSS IN FPS and I cant undo it. I also reset the bios to default and I'm still not getting the same fps as before. In Batman Arkham Asylum benchmark I was getting FPS min:86 max:290 avg: 190fps now Im getting very low fps min 70: max: 160 avg:135 my other games are also suffering, and very worried. I used the AMD overdrive benchmark and I'm still getting the same score as I was before. I think its a problem with my CPU but the score hasn't decreased some help would be appreciated.

CPU multi: 19.0
CPU freq: 203
NB freq: 2400
HT link: 2200

CPU voltage: 1.480
CPU/NB voltage: 1.225

computer specs: AMD 955 BE (stock cooler)
Sapphire 6950 toxic unlocked
2x 2G DDR3 Gskill ram 1600
WD hardrive caviar blue 500g
Antec 300 illusion
Corsair 750tx
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    You didn't list the motherboard.
    I guess the main question I have is if everything was running stable and you were getting great fps why on earth would you change the NB settings and the cpu voltage??? Do you have a clear Cmos option with your MB? I would shut down unplug the power supply and remove the battery from the MB , that should rest everything. I think that changing the northbridge settings affected the pci-e slots and therefore the video card since the northbridge controlls the pci-e slots and the video card is plugged into the pci-e slot.
  2. ya I unplugged the power supply and reset the mobo seems to be working fine now
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  4. Consider yourself lucky that your system still boots. One of the issues with being too aggressive in overclocking is the potential to damage your hardware. If you have reset everything back to stock but still get lower FPS than normal in all games, then I would say you blew out something.

    Just because your CPU didn't peak at dangerous levels doesn't mean your NB or capacitors or some other part of your system didn't hit a critical temperature.
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