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How do I beat the boost guardian in dark torvus arena?

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    Rec Rider wrote in

    > How do I beat the boost guardian in dark torvus arena?

    The walkthroughs at should help, but here's a tip: when the
    Boost Guardian is in boost form, try to get it to ram any one of the
    four columns in the arena. Not only will the collision knock him out of
    boost form, but it will also yield an Ultra Energy Unit, which will
    refill one Energy Tank completely -- very helpful, considering the
    battle is fought entirely in Dark Aether's corrosive atmosphere, causing
    Samus' energy to drop even if she's not being hit by the Boost Guardian.
    (You can also zap the Inglets it occasionally spawns for Small Energy
    Units or Light Beam Ammo, if needed.)

    Also note that the Boost Guardian is only vulnerable in its solid Ing
    form; the Light Beam is your best bet for polishing it off.

    HTH. HAND. :)

    Glenn Shaw • Indianapolis, IN USA
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