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hi all,

A little into about me, I am a Photo/video editor as a hobbyist not professional, before i was using a Dell inspiron 1545, (2.2 C2D, 4gb ram and hd4330) but never used it on editing.
I sold that laptop and ended up with a old dell desktop GX280, (2gb ram 533, P4 2.8 HT, MB 915GL) which was not that bad for Facebook and YouTube.. I must add that adobe CS2 work ok as well, i was surprised!!
Gaming: I play Generals ZEro Hour on gx280, medium graphics . I usually don't have time to play games.

a week back I recorded a video 1.4gb i tried compress, on dell gx280, after 45mints (@70%) it gave me some error and stopped, I borrowed by brother laptop (Core i3 2310M, 4GB, 320GB, Intel HD 3000 and windows 7). tried to do the same conversion and in 17 mints it completed :D, but still 17 mints.. its a SB 2310 passmark rate it at 2500.. this was just simple compressing I didn't used any editing software as yet, this is where I stand, did some research. and 3570k fall in my range.

Asked my Cousin to buy a 3570k. $190.(micro center) as he is coming From US.
I wanted 2700K, but most of people recommended IB over SB on stock Clock speeds.
For few months i will use the integrated graphics.. (out of cash)
I am not a gamer, very rarely i play games.
over clocking, if it adds extra performance to my work without any issue/damage, then Yes else I wont.
Will SSD help me, If yes i will add it next month.
how much ram should i use ?
I am not a gamer, can I use the CORSAIR XMS3 DDR3 4GB-1600BUS 2Gx2 (CMX4GX3M2A1600C9)
recommended PSU??

The Issue. (I don't know if its a issue or not)
I had a budget of $300, 200 is used by the processor.

Only following boards are available in my country falling in my range as well .. cant ask my cousin to carry a MB as well, he wont I know.

Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H $100

I want to take out the 100% potential of this processor. reliability is at high priority ,
I will add a GPU later.

Thanks. :)
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  1. 1stly. Get a SSD. It's mindblowingly fast.
    2ndly. Get a Z77 board, not a H77. The Z77 is MEANT for Ivy Bridge. An ASRock Extreme4 would be a great option.
    3rdly. Get G.Skill RipJaws X 1600Mhz instead.

    PSU - You won't need anything more than 600/650w.

    And I HIGHLY recommend you get a nice graphic card if you wanna do editing and stuff.
  2. I agree with arzbhatia's recommendations, if you don't get a Z77 board you might as well get an i5 3540 instead of the 3570K to save some cash. The ASRock extreme 4 is an excellent option, but any ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI in that price range will be fine.
    For the PSU, it would depend on whether you plan on adding graphics for edditing later on. I'd recommend a 500 - 600 watt PSU to be safe. Pick a tier 1 or tier 2 from this list: http://www.eggxpert.com/forums/thread/323050.aspx

    What country are you from? That will make it easier to help you.
  3. thanks for your fast input,
    I am from Pakistan/Karachi..

    I clearly understand that Z77 is the board go go with, But can you please enlight me with the drawbacks, if I use H77 MB.
    what kind of deficiencies i will be facing if I use H77,

    I Searched and found the following Motherboard.
    Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3h $150.
    Asus is not available here.

    Plus, if I use a 300watts PSU for just a month with out any GPU, will it be ok ?

    I have aprox $100 to $150 max at this point. else i have to wait till next month...

    ill update about the Ram..
  4. The GA-Z77-D3H is a great board for it's price. It's pretty decent.

    And yes, the 300w PSU would work without any PSU. Just remember to upgrade incase you get a nice GPU in the future.

    There aren't many differences between H77 and Z77 other than amazing overclocking support. If you're buying a H77 board, there's no point getting a 3570K. Save some money and get the 3540 instead then!

    I highly recommend Z77 though.
  5. from what i read Intel HD 4000 runs 2 times Faster then Intel HD 2500 of still remaining in IB,
    One major reason i chosen 3570K..
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