MSI 6950 problem help

I just made a new build

15-2500k @ 4.4ghz
16gb ram @1600
1,000 watt power supply
1tb samsung f3 as boot drive
msi 6950

When I bought my video card it came with 3dmark 11

I ran a test and I am only geting a score of 1,300+, Something must be wrong. I am using ATI CCC 11.6. Need a little help.

P.S. I was playing metro 2033 and my GPU got up to 90C but I do not know how long it stayed there.
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  1. That score is definitely indicative of a problem, assuming you ran that under performance mode.

    You should run MSI Afterburner and look at the clocks. If it's overheating, it'll let us know, it will also let us know if it's throttling due to heat or power issues.

    You might also want to check GPU-Z to see if it's running at the right bus speed.

    I notice you have a big OC on the CPU too, it's possible that could cause problems. You may want to run your system at stock settings to see if things correct themselves.
  2. I put everything back to factory default. CPU turbo is 3.8mhz and unistalled then reinstalled drivers and still I get under 2k in 3dmark.
  3. I now get a much better score 5k+ the problem was that I used 103 blk, when I turned it down to stock 100 everything improved even with a stable oc at 4.5mhz
  4. Yes, that's a good score. The new Sandy Bridge CPU's are very different from the first i5's when it comes to overclocking.
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