What Intel CPU compares to amd FX 6100 for gaming?


i was wondering what Intel CPU would be a comparison in performance to the AMD FX 6100?

i'm looking into buying the FX 6100 for my new gaming PC because of the price i can get it at of £120 but want to make sure there is no intel CPU on the market at the same price with equal or better performance. Be grateful for some feedback. £120 is my limit on a CPU
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  1. fx 6100's are crap for gaming. for an intel cpu, a 3ghz Core 2 Quad would be comparable in performance, which is a 5 year old CPU. an intel i5 2500k will absolutely stomp all over any amd cpu. http://www.guru3d.com/article/amd-fx-8150--8120-6100-and-4100-performance-review/10 the FX cpu's are slower than amd's older phenom II line.
  2. What will you be using your PC for?

    If games are your primary concern then the dual core i3-2100 is capable of providing equal or better performance. See following for benchmarks against the FX-8150; they do not have benchmarks for the slower FX-6100.

  3. I would recommend the quad core i5-2300, but I'm not sure if you can find it within your budget.
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