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I need some advice on buying a new motherboard.
I have a AMD FX-6100 processor ( socked am3+ ) and a Club3d Radeon HD 7750.
Im looking for a new motherboard because my old one doest support both processor and GPU.
The new MB has to have a am3+ socked and a pci-e 2.x or 3.x slot. As I dont want to spend more money then neccesery I found this mb: Asus M5A78L. I can buy it for <60 euro's.

My question is should I buy this one, or do you advice to bring some more money to the table to buy a faster one. The purpose is to make a somewhat budget gaming pc, but one with an upgradeable future.

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  1. In that case go for any 990 Chipset board that fits your budget and not the 890 boards....
    Maybe this is a better option....

    990's seem to be all above a 100 bucks.... :(
  2. Thanks for your reply. Ill looked into the 990's and found this one: Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3. It is a little under 100 euro's here. But I have no experience with Gigabyte.
    As for your link: I really dont like assrock. I used to work for RMA for a company, and we got so much asrock stuff. These boards seem to break almost as much as they are sold.
  3. I never tried Asrock myself, but from consumer reports they certainly seem to have improved on the quality of board in the par year.
    Personally, I could vouch only for Asus & MSI boards..... Higher end ones..... they have never given me problems..... as for after sales services.... I really can't say much since I never had to return a board.... and if I ever did , then I never used it again..... just sold it off at near free rates or then just gave it off to some of my more needy friends...
  4. I recently bought an M5A78L-M, and I'm loving it so far. It's not the best option for a high-end build but then again you are not aiming for a high-end system at the moment. It all comes down to how much you want to spend now vs later.

    Asus boards are solid and reliable, so I would stick to those.
  5. So its 1 vs 1 in the pro / anti asus m5a...
  6. Today I ordered a Asus M5A97. It has a 970 chipset instead of a 990 but it is only 70 euro, instead of 110 for the 990. Ive read some positive experiences with this board so I think it will be ok now :)
    Thanks again for all the help guys
  7. Good choice, I think. Enjoy!
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