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So I have the ATI Radeon HD 4200 card. And everything was working fine. But then I did a Windows update tht included an update to the ATI Radeon HD4200. After the update, a black border started appearing abround my display making my display screen area much smaller. The last time this happened, I was able to fix it by changing scaling options in the ATI Catalyst Control Center. But this time when I tried to go to CCC, no options were available. Everything was grayed out and it di8dn;t even detect my display. So I uninstalled the display adapter and downloaded the 11.6 version of ATI CCC package which is the latest version from the AMD website. Unfortunately, this new version has no option to allow me to change scaling. How do I get rid of this awful black border? Please help!

I am using a Dell desktop running Windows 7.
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  1. You can try installing the gfx driver that came with your Dell desktop or the latest driver which you can download from the Dell support web site for your specific desktop.
  2. just go back to the last drivers that worked for ya....just because they put a new driver out does not mean its the best one for your set up
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