Here is one that hasent been asked before!

I am not here to question what CPU to get or whether a 200 dollar pc can run crysis, I have a more unique question!

What temperatures do modern processors (e.g i5/i7 or Phenom II) run at; without heatsinks?

Many of the times this was answer on the past was on pentium processors - curious about today!
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  1. A modern processor will most likely hit 100C, throttle, then shut down only a few seconds after you turned the computer on.

    I havent heard of anyone trying this, because these new processors are designed to run with a heatsink. They just produce too much heat to do without one.
  2. They wont run, so the answer to the question is slightly above room temperature as the system will detect the lack of cooling and immediately shut down. If you were to trick it into running it would probably stabilize around 200 C or it will melt the board and shut down first. A 100 W light bulb will get close to 100 C and it has a lot more surface area to dissipate heat with than your CPU does so expect the CPU to be a lot higher.
  3. why dont you try it without a heatsink and tell us what happens.........
  4. Thanks for the awesome replies!
  5. For ye with little memory...

    I guess the question is how long do you want the CPU to run with no heatsink? As long as it isn't a LONG time, todays CPUs can do it, both AMD and Intels. The AMD in that video was before they started using thermal diodes.
  6. Well, you have to take into account the CPU is really, really small and the relative power that is fed to it is large. The minimal mass of the chip will heat up really fast when you feed 95 W of power.
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