Need Help With Deciding Which GPU To Buy!

Radeon HD GPU:

Nvidia GTX GPU:

My current PC is an HP Pavilion Magnesium Gray Edition p6654y:

I cannot decide which GPU to get. I use my PC for gaming, school work, and for everyday tasks. I had a Nvidia GTX 560 Ti (reference card), but the DVI port just stopped working completely. I tried several Radeon HD cards, but they didn't give me the great performance my Nvidia card gave me. Anyway, which GPU would work best with my PC?

An important note: I upgrade my PC with a 600W PSU and a Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz Processor.
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  1. Actually, if I were you, I would try to buy an AMD 6950 that can be flashed to a 6970, it's basically paying for a 6950 and getting a 6970. Might want to google it as some of the newer 6950's might not be able to be flashed...
  2. Don't you need a reference model to flash it to a 6970? I can't seem to find one that can.
  3. google it and find an e-tailer that has one...
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