Toms I need your help, SYSTEM CRASHES

I just rebuilt my computer with some new components a couple days ago. I have been trying to figure out what is causing these system crashes but I for once am completely lost. First off, nothing is overheating,I know that. The PSU is not broken, its brand new and nothing is wrong with it. but here is what happens....

While I am on my computer, doing whatever all of a sudden my computer will completely freeze, and it plays super loud scratchy white noise sounds from my speakers. I can actually turn it down and up to adjust the volume of the loud ass noise. Weird thing is that my computer seems to still be running because my logitech g510 still shows the CPU and RAM processing things, and I also had a monitoring software on the other monitor which was still running. It usually tends to happen under intense loads, but its not due to heat because its never above 40C.

Here's the new specs of the computer..

CPU - i7-2700k
CPU COOLER - Coolermaster Hyper N520
MOBO - ASUS P8 Z68V- Pro
RAM - 16 GB of 1600 DDR3 Gskill Ripjaw X
PSU - 850 Watt Thermaltake TR2 RX
GPU - HIS HD6950 IceQ X

another random side note, does anyone know which pci slot to put my gfx card in for best performance on this particular mobo? I am pretty sure the top slot is the fastest but I am not 100% sure.
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  1. Start by testing your ram
  2. I dont see how it could be my RAM tho, All the DIMMS are working properly under load from what I can tell so a sudden short wouldnt be explained by that
  3. Short would shut it off! Even with a Thermaltake PSU!
  4. Yeah I suppose that is true, although I know this new thermaltake series of PSU's have some weird failsafe mechanism in them for shorts and overloads and I'm not entirely sure what it does. I know it prevents it from crashing your mobo and components without turning it off, maybe its intermittently going to that failsafe and keeping it on like that? idk, probably a strech, but I will run the memory test tomorrow when I can get ahold of a disc to burn it onto. Other than RAM, any other ideas what it could be? I took out the HD audio front panel connector and put it back in because I figured since the fuzzy audio was being blasted through the speakers, maybe something with the audio wasup?
  5. so I downloaded that software and burnt it to a disc, problem is that I cannot boot from a disc, it keeps giving me the BOOTMGR is missing error, I ran repair with my 7 disc, still doesnt work, so I cant even check my RAM...
  6. If you re-used an old hdd(from previous set-up) on your new mobo therein lies your problem.
    That hdd needs to be wiped or at least partitioned before adding it to a new platform.
    Something called a clean install!
  7. I did use the same HDD i had on my old build, but I wiped it before I installed windows 7 again. I did have some weird errors installing it however which may have caused some *** ups. This is my first ASUS mobo ive ever gotten so the bios is foreign to me. When i start up my computer it goes to the screen where it says to hit DEL to go to bios, I hit delete, it loads some black and white text, then it opens that screen again and says press DEL to go to bios, then it finally does. If I try booting from the HDD with windows on, or from my cd drive, or anytrhing else, I get the dreaded BOOTMGR is missing. I have to boot it from "windows boot manager" which is under my boot list and ive never seen that before. ive been working on computers for years, but this is the oddest thing ive ever ran into, blows ass it had to be my computer... Anything else anyone knows what to do?!
  8. You could try cmd prompt- bootrec /fixboot if startup repair doesn't work.
  9. tried bootrec /fixboot right away, didnt let me do it. I think at this point my best guess is that my motherboard is bad, think i might just get it replaced. maybe the RAM too just to be safe
  10. I have a 250 gb hdd thats pretty old which is my main HDD with my OS on it, along with other TB HDD's for storage. Do I need to have the 250 HDD plugged into one of the SATA 2.0 gb/s ports or can it be in the 6.0 gb/s ports on this mobo? If I installed windows on it while it was in the 6.0 gb/s could that be affecting it?
  11. Ive had this exact same problem. After i made my raptor drive as my primary. Every once in awhile. It will freeze, just like yours. With same annoying sound.
    But if i wait. Then anywhere from 1-5minutes later, it just unfreezes itself.

    Id try using a different HD as your primary. If that was your ram, then you'd have blue screens eventually. Or computer would simply reboot.

    Thats what fixed it for me. Now my raptor is just storage.
    Dont know if i bumped my HD to hard, made a bad sector or what.
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