Is this a motherboard problem

old man seeks help again,3 month ago built a new pc for my wife my 3rd build so far,in that 3 months its shut down for no reason but restarted with no probs.last night for no reason moniter screen went black and the cpu fan and exhaust fan both stoped working.still power going to motherboard and the asus gtx560ti graphics card is still running and theres no amber lights showing on mobo.the motherboard is a asus crosshair formula v.i may be thought the cpu fan had failed but two fans that run off mobo are not working as i reckoned this was somthing not right with motherboard.on say that since i built this pc its been one problem after another concerning this before i take it apart and send the motherboard back and replace it i just wondered what sum other peoples thoughts were many thnx folks
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  1. If you take the board out of the chassis and power it up with only memory and a fan that you know works, plugging in the fan to each fan header on the board, it only runs in certain ports? Do you have a FLUKE multimeter to check the voltage of the headers?
  2. no i dont have a FLUKE take board out and power with just you reckon this is a voltage problem.and if i power up my mobo with only memory because my cpu fan is off will it not over heat.and if it is a voltage problem i cant get in to bois too resolve if i do this and fans work its not a motherboard problem
  3. elementary my dear Watson - you can keep the heatsink/fan on the CPU - it won't overheat if it is off already - and I see now that the board has no on-board video, so u would need your card in to enter BIOS


    if the fans don't run while in BIOS, something is wrong with the MB because all fan headers should work all the time, unless of course they can be disable in the BIOS, which i doubt
  4. right thanx for your quick respones and your time.i no for a fact all headers were working because first use off pc i set up and double checked the bois on this board.i was prity sure this was a mobo problem every thing i had prity much double checked before i posted this.i new there was a fault sum were but were is like finding the right path in a minefield of am cool dismantle mobo pack and box up send back and replace.i always thought there was sumthing not quite right with this mobo been too many gliches and problems with it.the biggest just shutting down for now reason.thankyou Dingo07
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