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XFX 6790 vs XFX 6850 Black Edition

There is a store in my country which gives various rebates when a graphic and is bought along with a GPU.The two cards I am interested are the XFX 6790 and XFX 6850 Black Edition while I am going to buy a 600w Cooler Master psu .Here is a break down of the costs

6850 Black Edition:
Card Price: 18000
PSU Price: 5100
Rebate: 800
Final Cost 22300

Card Price: 13900
PSU Price: 5100
Rebate: 300
Final Cost 18700

Based on these statistics,please suggest which one should I buy considering their cost to their performance.This is for gaming at 1366x768 resolution and my rig is:

i3 530 2.9ghz
dh55tc motherboard
2gb ram
400w power supply(going to buy a new one along the card)
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  1. ^+1. Those prices are ridiculously high. Which city in India are you from?
  2. WAAAAAY too high for those!
  3. Emperus said:
    ^+1. Those prices are ridiculously high. Which city in India are you from?

    I am not from India.To give you guyz an idea,the exchage rate to dollars for my currency is about 1$=85 of my currency
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    The 6790 is basicly a repeat of what happend with the 5830.The 6790 is way to power hungry for the performance it can deleiver.The 6850 outperforms the 6790 while using 23watts less.

    I reccomend going with the 6850.
  5. I would recommend you get a cheaper card like the 5770 if it is available and spend the extra money on more system memory. It is important to have a balanced system for smooth gaming and you are a little lacking in that area. While you are thinking about your video card purchase see if you can budget in a memory upgrade as well or your frame rate may still be low or very sporadic. I noticed a big difference going from 2 to 4 and a minor difference going from 4 to 8. I still however recommend getting the highest density you are able to afford because there is really no such thing as too much ram.
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