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Dell OptiPlex GX620

I'm looking to do some minor upgrades to a Dell OptiPlex GX620 for my son - essentially get it to a stage that he can play a few PC games, but nothing too hardcore (we're not talking about Crysis2 here).

I've seen multiple posts here that indicate that the GX620 can't support a Core Duo processor, but the Intel945G chipset specs [1] (the chipset that I understand the GX620 uses) say clearly that a Core Duo will work just fine.

Can anyone clarify this?

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    You have to go by dell's specs for your system. No mention is made of core2 duo support, so the answer is no. The dell bios is written for specific cpus; core2 duo has different voltage specs than the p4 cpu that is standard for the 945g dell motherboard. Some other brands of motherboards with the Intel 945g chipset do support core2 duo, but not dell. You'll have to change the motherboard to use core2 duo. If your motherboard is btx format, then your case won't work with most motherboards which are atx format. Check this file from dell's website for specs:
  2. Ah, that makes sense - I'm a little green with hardware updates, so still learning how things fit together at the deeper levels.

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