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What do you guys think? This is the final build that my friend has made for me. :D
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  1. From what I can tell, and I'm no expert, the build looks rather nice. Although, you need a case haha. There are plenty on newegg that would fit the ticket though, so pick one that you would like. If you can go for an i5-2500k, that seems to be the norm with i5 processors for gaming. =) Also, if you are into gaming, then I'd upgrade to 6 or 8 GB of RAM. That also seems to be the sweet spot.
  2. Case is at the bottom of the screenshot. Sorry about that. Thanks for the Feedback.
  3. No problemo! Hope I set you at ease. If you can spend that extra bit for the processor and RAM you will be set for a good while =)
  4. Don't get 2.x2 2gb. You have an micro atx mobo. I'd get 1 stick 4gb then get another 4gb later. If I remember correctly, you only have 2 ram slots with that. Dual channel doesn't give that big a performance.
  5. Looks good on that budget I wouldn't change a thing
    Ill imagine you have a case
    what are you upgrading from ?
  6. GPU and MOBO are cheap components so is quality but it's ur personal choice where to put ur money in
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