Whats the chance?

I have been putting off my next build for around five years. Last year I thought I had it all sorted out. I was going to buy the i7-2600K and a Z68 board. That was till I dug a little deeper and confused my self. Why was I confused? Sandy bridge, Sandy Bridge e, Ivy Bridge and Ivy Bridge e. All of these were going to be on the market within a year of each other 2012. I thought well socket 1155 is being fazed out. So if I buy a 2600k I have no room grow.
I game most of all with this computer. It seems the best direction for future proofing would then be socket 2011. I was told that the Sandy Bridge E would be a waste of my money because it's power is focused in the wrong area for gamer's. I was told the same thing about the system I have now back when I built it. It was not over powered for long. I thought seeing how the next step for me would be the Ivy Bridge e. I get Tri Gate, more memory bandwidth built in GPU a die shrink to 22 nm so it will runs a little cooler with less energy consumption and I think 3.0 pci and USB support native?

This brings me to my question. I am in a situation where I can buy the CPU i7-3820 and a X79 mother board now. I have read in other places that the Sandy Bridge E and Ivy Bridge E will both run the LGA 2011 socket. Also you will be able to replace your SBE with a IBE when they come out with just a firmware update. As of a year ago I would have believed that when the forcast was for 3Q 2012. Now I'm not so sure because it has been pushed back to 3Q 2013. Whats the chance that a mother board made almost a year ago (late 2011) is going to work with a CPU with all the new capabilities of this new chip 1 3/4 years latter? It now seems far fetched.
I'm sure If you own one your going tell me it will work out out of shear hope but whats the chance?

Thanks for any insight you can give me.
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  1. i would buy the amd bulldozer 8 core like *** off a shovel
  2. the chances are certain that a motherboard will work with all the new capabilities for sure, providing you get an exspensive motherboard.
  3. Why, all I have heard is trash about the Dozer. Unless you over clock it. My CPU is OCed but I don't want to have to OC it just to make it perform.
  4. if your willing to pay good money for a motherboard top of the line you will still get all the capabilities from your cpu. im currently using the phenom ii x4 850 3.3 which is ok. i have used the fx 8 core, its one of those, you have to see it for yourself, even without overclocking its future proof
  5. its one of those thing that is what it is, you cpu will always fall down the line in top cpus for a motherboard
  6. I was looking at the Asus Rampage IV Formula.
  7. I don't think there is enough diff between the formula and extreme to pay that much more? And I'm not very good at OCing.
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