1x8GB versus 2x4GB

How much better would 2x4GB be than i stick of 8GB? I have Intel i5 3570k, ASUS P8z77 MoBo, and SSD. I bought one 8GB stick of Corsair Vengeance, but then learned 2 x 4GB would be better. I'd have to sell my 8GB as I dont have the packaging.

Also, is the speed (?) 1600 ok, or is higher much better? Thanks.
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  1. If 8GB is the 'goal' then 2x4GB is your best option, but 1x8GB can work. Higher frequency, beyond that of DDR3-1600 adds very little if any benefit and on 8GB/stick density can be a problem with higher frequencies, so DDR3-1600 is fine. Memory's 'speed' is a function of both the Frequency and CAS Timings.
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