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I have been thinking of getting a new Graphic card for Intel Newberry Lake D945GCNL motherboard, but weren't sure which card exactly I should get for it and I have been wondering if there is any good graphic card you could offer me in the range of around 100$.
I am basically looking for a card that will be able to run games and videos more on the performance side rather then on the graphics side and that wont cost too much, while also being aware I probably wont be able to run really high end games on it.

I hope that you can help me with that and thanks for the help in advance.

PS. I have looked at "Best Graphics Cards For The Money" however there were some information in the review of Radeon HD 5670 that a better choice would be to chose the Radeon HD 4850 so I decided to ask for a better direction and if this board can really run it by asking in this post.
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