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I purchased a second XFX Radeon HD 6950 2 GM card to enable crossfire and I cant even run DIRT 3 that came with the card on medium settings without the screen skipping. Isnt this supposed to be top of the line card to make gaming run better? I have Intel Core I7-965 processor extreme edition, Vista-32 bit Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard 1250 W power, and coolant on top of that. My 3dmark benchmark 11 score w/ both cards is P8264. So I am guessing something is terribly wrong, except I cant figure out what. I reinstalled windows after rewritting my harddrive, have all the latest window upgrade files. Downloaded the latest graphics driver from ATI, I have catlyst installed. Not sure what else to do to make my graphics card function the way it is supposed to. ticket on xfx help desk is still on hold.
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  1. There is an install or system problem. A single 6950 2GB can max out Dirt 3 at up to 1200p at least. I think Dirt 3 is actually easier on the system than Dirt 2 was.

    Your 3dmark11 score looks about right, maybe a little on the low side, depending on OCing.
  2. Downloaded a profile from xfx @ and it seems to have solved the problem, until the game froze on me.
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