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Excuse me if this is a silly question, but I have 2x4GB 1600MHZ Corsair Vengeance sticks installed in my ASUS M4A79XTD EVO motherboard, and when I go into the BIOS to view the DRAM timing settings, the 1st is properly displayed as 9-9-9-24-5-34-10-5 but the 2nd DRAM inforamtion shows 8-2-5-4-2-0-160. Shouldn't they both be using the RAM's 9-9-9-24 timing setting? Let me know if I need to post more info about my rig.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Anyone able to offer feedback? To elaborate on the original post, and the reason I'm posting is because my computer shuts off randomly (like fully powers off) unexpectedly while playing different games. I have no heat problems whatsoever, and I replaced the power supply. So at this point I have narrowed it down to a memory issue. I removed one of the 4GB sticks of RAM since posting this, and it hasn't powered off while gaming since. I can't say for sure that the problem is resolved by removing one of the sticks of RAM because sometimes I can go days without encountering the issue. I found it weird that the one timing value was different than the other, and different than what the RAM is suppose to be. As mentioned above it was 8-2-5-4-2-0-160. The RAM I have should be 9-9-9-24.
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