Doomed to no desktop forever?

There's a long story behind this machine, but I bought new parts, and I'm still stuck with no post. Here's what I've got in there currently-
MSI P7N SLI Platinum (7380 Ver1.0)(Checked and Ok'd by MSI)
Intel Core 2 Quad 3.0GHz (SLB8W)(-SHOULD- be good)
4xCorsair CM2X2048-6400C5
PNY GeForce 7600GS
PC Power&Cooling Turbo-Cool 510 SLI

I get a red LED on the MOBO itself, and a blue one to go with it when I give it power. My fans spin up, but no beeps or post. I've tried any one of the 4 RAM chips in various DIMM slots, as well as none installed. I've tried with and without video card, and also with my spare(GeForce 6600GT). I do not have a spare CPU to try, or another board to try it in. My PSU I know is good. It didn't have the 8-pin connector, however, I utilized an adapter for the dual 6-pin plugs, and another plug entirely, and have a solid +12V and Ground to the 8-pin socket on the mobo. To save anyone from having to look it up, the PSU specs are +5V@40A, +12V@34A/38A, -5V@.3A, -12V@2A, +3.3V@30A, and +5VSB@3A. Continuous power 510, peak 650.

The only thing left that I can think of as a possibility, is that I need to flash the BIOS. I'm hesitant to try though, as my floppy drive was good....a year and a half ago, and I have no other system with/capable of using a floppy drive. The P7N is supposed to be designed for use with the Core2Duo, and Core2Quad though, so I wouldn't think the BIOS would be an issue, but don't really know where to look it up to make 100% positively sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I miss my Beast.
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  1. look here - scroll down the list to your CPU (INTEL core 2 quad Q9650 for future reference).

    According to the MSI site you need to upgrade your bios to 7380v12 (version 1.2).
  2. Thanks for the info. Do you happen to know if I will be needing to get ahold of a lower, supported CPU to be able to do the update? Or, should I be able to take care of that with the Q9650 installed...or...not installed? One more (dumb?) question, just to be sure...I see MSI has released up to a V1.4 BIOS update. I need 1.2 - 1.4 will work as well, correct?
  3. Does the it not POST at all?
    Some CPU + motherboard combinations work and others don't.
    If you can boot from a usb then you are fine otherwise you need an older CPU that works with v1.0.

    BIOS Flash Instructions

    The computer won't work without a CPU - like a car without a engine.
    Also v1.4 should work too.
  4. Nope, nothing at all. No video anyway. The monitor status light will flicker from it's yellow, standby to the green, active - but just a constant flickering. No actual signal being received I don't think. I'm pretty positive the CPU/mobo combo is compatible though, considering the following is on the first page for the P7N SLI Platinum--
    "The P7N SLI Platinum
    Series mainboards are based on nVidia® nForce750i
    SLI & nForce430i chipsets for optimal system
    efficiency. Designed to fit the advanced Intel® Core 2
    Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium dualcore
    and Celeron"
  5. Are you sure your monitor is working?

    Seems like you will have to find a older CPU, although the motherboard says it works with core 2 quad there are several models. The motherboard came out in Q1 2008 and the CPU was released in Q3 2008 so it was not available when the motherboard was released.
  6. Monitor is currently in use on my temporary desktop, so yeah. Calling around now to see who's got a low-end 775 CPU to plug in and do the bios update. Will post when that's done to let you know if the update takes care of the issue. Thanks for your help. :D
  7. Ok...Found the CPU compatibility list. 'Rented' a known good Q6600, which is supposed to be OK with the V1.0 BIOS. Switched between GPUs, RAM...on and on again. STILL no-post. Same conditions as before, red and blue light on mobo, fans spinning...nothing on the monitor. No beep beeping at all, with or without RAM and/or GPU.
  8. Anybody?
  9. Can you "rent" a motherboard aswel?

    Also just out of curiosity what does it say under those red and blue lights?
  10. Doesn't say anything. I actually cannot find anything at all relating to those LEDs. Can't rent a mobo though. Going to be shipping this one back, and finding a different one I think. Can't be anything else.
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