Multi-booting Windows XP and 7

Hey guys,

I am planning on buying a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) so I can run DX 10 and 11 and install more memory in my computer.
I currently have two hard drives installed on my computer,
(1) a 160 GB (split into 3 partitions) with Windows XP (32-bit) installed on one of those partitions
(2) a new 640 GB with only a few files on it that can be deleted.
I want to be able to have the option of starting up in either XP or 7.
My question is this: if I install 7 on the new HD, will I still be able to see that Hard Drive's space in XP (and vice versa with 7)? Will I still be able to install and run programs from both drives in both OS's? Will installing an OS in the second drive restrict the use of the space on that drive by other OS's?

I would assume that it should work fine, but I wanted to find out if anybody has had problems with this before I go and spend $100.

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  1. Hi FrPSh:
    The answer to your questions is yes and no. You will be able to access files on either hard drive from either O.S. but you will only be able to run an application(program) from within the O.S. it is installed on. You might want to consider partitioning the large 640 GB HDD with an 80 to 100GB partition for Win7 and the remaining space as a storage partition. You will be able to use the space in the storage partition with either O.S. You will want to set up sharing on any files so that you can easily find them from either O.S.
    One thing to keep in mind though.....if you use an upgrade version of Win7 to save money, it will assume the license of the previous XP O.S. and you won't be able to dual boot. This requires the purchase of a full retail version of Win7. (or the semi-legal installation of Win7 OEM version).......that's a long story, but basically an OEM version is supposed to be installed on a new computer for sale to someone.
  2. So could I go into Windows 7, and install a program in the other hard drive? As long as I install it while I'm in 7, I can use it in 7, no matter where it's installed, correct?
    Thanks for the clarification.
  3. You can do as you suggest. If you're really clever I'm sure that you could install it in a common location from both OSs, thus saving a little disk space. But disk space is so cheap nowadays that I prefer to keep my Windows installations separate. The only time I share files between the two OSs is something really large - for example virtual hard disks for VMWare, that sort of thing.
  4. Sorry, just to clarify - if I don't partition my new drive and I just install Windows 7 there, would I be able to run programs off of that drive's extra space in XP?
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