Windows 8 not recognizing sata card in device manager

I purchased a startech sata 3 card pexsat311i. Running Windows 8, upgraded from 7. Upon booting, card shows with message "no device found". Nothing in device manager. Anyone have a clue?
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  1. Did you already run your updates for Win8?
  2. yes, completely updated. I called Microsoft, they said to call HP, maker of my computer for their version of driver. Because computer is no longer in warranty (Pavilion m8020n), they will give me the driver if I pay $99. The card is a StarTech pexesat311i. Called them, they will send me another card but thinks might have same problem.
  3. Are you running on 64bit? Hmm I think you will need to run this first (test it) on Win 7 32 bit or 64... I might be wrong but some of the manufacturers drivers are not compatible with Win 8. But, I do share with you the same problem however after a fresh installation of Win 8 64bit it's all good since then.
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