Prebuilt Server VS Custom Rig?

My office is looking to buy a new server. We would need it to host files, run server apps, etc., but there is some argument over what we should get. Does anyone know the difference between a Prebuilt "Server" and a computer working to fill the same function?

Newegg offers this Fujitsu server. Quad core 2.4 Ghz Quad core processor, 500GB HDD & 4GB RAM. It has MS Server 2008 R2 (me thinks this is the bloat in price) Not bad, but its, $1K

NewEgg also has this DIY combo. i7 3.2GHZ Quad Core, 1TB HDD & 6GB RAM. Already much better, and it's $860

Assuming that I know how to put it together (which I do) and that I will run Linux on it (which I will), is there any reason that I should get the Prebuilt (Fujitsu) Server? Am I missing something in terms of stability or functionality?
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  1. only if you wanted Win 2008 server
  2. well, the diy kit doesn't come with a video card.
    The fujitsu already comes with 2 hard drives where you can put it in a raid and ecc memory which is good to have for a server plus it comes with server 2008 foundation edition, but it looks like you won't be needing that.
    If you were to get the diy kit, you should get another hdd to create a raid.

    both systems only have 1 nic. servers should really have at least 2 nics.

    If it's not a mission critical server, then the gaming diy kit should do just fine.
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