Recommend me a STRONG PSU!

I need a new power supply; here's all the things I need to power:

- 2500K @ 4.5ghz (+ possible voltage tweak)
- 8GB ram (1.5v)
- 2x GTX 570
- 64gb SSD
- 2x 500GB hdd
- H60 water cooler
- 5 case fans
- CD/DVD drive

I was looking at CM's Silent Pro Gold 800w, but their sale is over and I don't really feel like spending the extra cash + shipping for just an 800w. I then leaned towards XFX's 850w, however, the ones on the Egg have been popping and exploding on everyone. Any recommendations? I need this ASAP!

BUDGET: Up to $150 USD (before rebates).
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  1. I wouldn't have gone for the Silent Pro Gold 800W anyway as it has very high (but still in spec) ripple and noise on the 12V and 5V rails at full load.

    Well if you don't go for one of XFX's 850W units then these are some options:

    NZXT Hale82 850W 80Plus Bronze Modular $140

    Corsair 850TXV2 80Plus Bronze $135 ($10 rebate)
    Shares the same internal design as the XFX Pro 850W XXX Edition.

    Corsair TX 850M 80Plus Bronze Modular $135

    Silverstone Strider Plus 850W 80Plus Silver Modular $142
  2. Hmm... Never knew that about the noise on the SPGs; good to know.

    One of the main reasons why I didn't pick any of the Corsair PSUs was because they didn't fit into my color scheme (I know, it's corny, and that's what it shouldn't be based on), but I guess I'll be leaning more towards them now since I don't have too many other options.

    I just hope the 850W will give me enough headroom to overclock my processor & GPUs even more... I'm a bit of a PSU freak; always worrying about if I have sufficient power or not.
  3. I like the Corsair 850's.
  4. Okay, I said screw it and went in for the XFX 850w... HOPEFULLY I get one of the ones that won't blow up! *Crosses fingers*
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