Corsair 600T or 650D and H80 or H100?

Hi everyone! I am about ready to buy my new system.

This will be used for some serious work productivity (Software development) and some Folding@Home on the side. Just using the onboard graphics because I have another gaming rig for that.

Anyway here is the question: I am trying to pick between the Corsair 600T:

OR the 650D:

And with that, I am going to have a Corsair water cooling kit - the Hydro H80 or the H100. The question is: Which combo do you think is the best? The 650D with the H100/H80 or the 600T with the H80/H100? Keep in mind:

CPU: Intel i7 2600 Sandy, GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3P LGA 1155, 8GB DDR3 (Corsair Vengeance)
NO overclocking
Relatively low heat in the case to start with, due to it being just a powerful work/VMWare server with some HDDs (no video card)
Looking for quietness

Thanks for your suggestions!
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  1. If your not overclocking im not too sure why your looking for a closed waterloop for cooling. Fans are still required to cool the radiator producing some noise.

    Something like this might be a better and cheaper option, and will work in either case :)

    Scythe Shuriken Quiet Low Profile:
    or if your buying from the US:

    Scythe KATANA 3 SCKTN-3000

    Link here to other recommended "Silent" Coolers:

    Also my case preference, the 650D :D Love that case.
  2. Since I'm going to be Folding (SMP2 client) on that i7, I would like it to be as cool as possible under loads for extended periods. And the Hydro series just seem to be simple and very effective.

    Thanks for your input about the case :)
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    In that case id probably go with the H80 just so you can mount it on the rear side of the case where the exhaust fan would usually be (120mm mount), rather than the top (240mm mount) that would be required for H100.
  4. The H80 is looking a little more economical in my non-OC situation. Especially since the performance difference between it and the H100 is marginal.

    Now the big question: Which case (600T or 650D) shall I combine with the H80?
  5. I just got the Corsair 600T. It's gorgeous, has great cable management with lots of grommets and holes where you can route things, and really great airflow, even if you keep the side panel window on.

    So far, I really like it a lot. Looks like a storm trooper.
  6. They are both amazing cases. Don't ask us which one we would buy, get the one you like hehe.....

    Personally I would go with the 650D. Just bought one for myself today. :D I really like the 500r but I couldn't wait for it to come out.
  7. I think I am a little more partial to the 600T just because it's a change. The 650D would be too similar to my Antec P180Black ;)

    Both amazing cases though. So I think I will stick with the 600T (White) and the Hydro H80. Thanks for the input everyone!
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  9. Either way they are both amazing premium cases :) You'll be happy with either one so going for the one you prefer, is the best idea :)
  10. go with the 600t, its amazing....... h80i is the best way to go
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