Driver Problems with AMD Radeon HD 6670

I posted this in the general graphics card forum but I figured id post here since this is more specific and the suggestions made did not solve my problem

I got this computer:

The GPU does not get detected at all it seems. It is securely in the slot on the motherboard. The fan spins when my computer is on. When I plug a DVI/ VGA cable in to my GPU ports, screen is black(didnt try HDMI as my monitor does not have one) when I plug the cables into my ports from my motherboard, a picture does appear on my monitor.

I tried to install the catalyst suite several times ( maybe im downloading the wrong thing) but it simply doesnt appear on my computer. Its not on my taskbar and the ATI technologies folder on my pc is completely empty.

I used driversweeper once to clear the drivers, but i have reinstalled my copy of Windows 7 after doing this because I thought that caused a problem( and I feel like it still did but idk)

I noticed this problem because I was playing sc2 and noticed my fps was really low compared to the fps benchmarks I've been reading(about 30 fps on low).

When I run dxdiag or look at device manager, it just says Intel HD graphics family manager as my video card.

If i left out important bits of information please let me know, I really would like to get this problem solved as it is quite annoying. Any and all help is appreciated thanks a lot.

EDIT:More information;
When I run the setup file to attempt to install the driver/catalyst control center it doesnt get past the part at detecting driver hardware, just freezes up and the only way to exit out is to close it through task manager. In safe mode it says it cant find the graphic drivers which i assume is normal because im in safe mode.
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  1. Some people suggested that I make my GPU prioritized over my onboard graphics card in the BIOS but im not totally sure on how to do that.
  2. When I ran the drivers off the CD the program does go through but still doesnt install catalyst control center and dxdiag and other programs do not detect the graphics card.
  3. Just want to second this. I'm having the same trouble. Got this system today: - and I have not been able to figure out how to get the system to recognize the Radeon 6670 that's hooked up. I tried uninstalling the Intel HD Graphics Family drivers, and then install the Catalyst suite, but after installing nothing happened. After a restart (during which many updates were applied, it being the first time I'd turned the cpu on and connected it to the internet) the Intel drivers had been reinstalled. At no point did the other gpu show up on the list of hardware devices under Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers.
  4. I'm having the same problem with my new CyberpowerPC 1314 graphics card. I'll try fighting with it again later tonight. If anyone finds a solution to installing this video card, please post.
  5. I opened up the case again today and gave another lil push on the card and, sure enough, this time it slid a little further down into the slot. Attached the VGA cable to the card and -bang- it's working. Other reviews of Cyberpower cpus I've read have also mentioned this as a sometimes-issue. Good luck to the rest of you!
  6. Yup. Same here. I pushed on the card and the drivers installed after that. Apparently it had come loose. I still haven't got my second monitor working from the DVI jack. But at least I'm farther along than I was.
  7. Ill try it again later since the looseness of the card seems to be the problem. Questions to the people that pushed it in and got it to work.
    1)Was your fan spinning on the graphics card before you had pushed it in?
    2)Any ideas to open up the case without having the fan falling off the cases wall. The way the fan is attached to the wall it annoys me that I had to remove the case wall and the fan+plastic triangle.
    3)Did you have to unscrew the card at all or did you just give it some nudges?

    The reason why I felt that looseness wasnt a problem was because the fan was still spinning on it. But if your fan was spinning then I'll give this a shot.
  8. Ok it turns out it was something as simple as the looseness of the card. For some reason the first time I opened it up I guess I didnt press hard enough or something. But it was loose towards the right of the card and now its in fine, detected and working.
  9. just as a FYI
    even though it seems the problem is solved
    always make sure to do windows update and let Windows install
    the WDM driver for the card first
    then install the ATI drivers afterwards
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