VTX3D 1GB Radeon HD 6950

Dear all

As the title suggests this thread is based around this 6950, in particular it is about VTX3D, I have never heard of this make and I heard it is part of powercolor. I would just like to get your input and whether I should buy this (it has a 2 year warranty) and should I trust the RMA service?

The reason why I am even considering it, is because of the fan design and also the price. It is priced at around £165 which is the max that I would want to spend on a GPU and just feels right.
Details below:

Thank you

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  1. It's a type of company that makes the same deisgn as other companies cards but they make it with cheaper componets so it will cost less to the end user.The 2 year Warranty is nice but you never can be to sure about any type of company refunding or replacing.

    I would suggest saving up a little more and buy a good qualtiy brand that you don't have to worry about.Or you can buy a 6870 for less and be sure you get all the bells and whistles.
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