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My CPU is running at my overclocked speed 24/7 even at idle. The only Thing I disabled is C1E, Cool and quiet and Q-fan Function because I have an H80 Liquid CPU cooler so i dont see a point in having those options enabled but is it safe to have my cpu running at 3.3 mhz 24/7 and what exactly is C1E i cant find much information on it
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  1. C1E is part of ACPI, it controls the processors power states. On being C0, C1 or C1e is the halted state, and c3 is the sleep state.

    CoolnQuiet reduces CPU speed (via multiplier) and voltage while its idle.

    Is it safe to leave it running 24/7 - sure. ; Just as safe as turning it on and off a few times a day. As long as you have the bios set properly to shut down in the event of an overheat or fan failure that is.
  2. Thank you popatim for the information very helpful
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