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Im having some problems with the sound in my computer. After installing a new sound card (because my audio port on my motherboard got broken by someone tripping on the wire) I noticed that the sound was a bit off sometime, especially voices which sounded robotic and very slightly distorted. Then I disabled something called CMSS-3D in the settings for the card, which is a Sound Blaster Audigy SE btw. This seems to have gotten rid of the weird sounds but sometimes in games I still noticed oddities like in Fifa 12 sometimes, very seldom but still, the crowd will suddenly go all weird and a lot of echo and reverb can be heard. I did not find anything about this problem when I googled it. And in Skyrim sometimes I think I hear a hint of the distortion but it is hard to notice. I have the proper drivers for the card. How do I know if my card is working properly?
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  1. i have this problem on my old pc, make sure its plugged in all the way, if im correct on what im thinking try unplugging it and make sure its in all the way... also check that all the lastest drivers are installed ect ect
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