CPU usage goes up high and then drops down?

I have a HP laptop and the CPU usage goes up high and then drops down its looks like a heart monitor.

AMD processor, 4gb ram running on windows 7 home 64bit

I have restored it to HP factory default.
Replace thermal paste.
Reset BIOS to default settings.
Change Hard Drive.
Update Bios firmware.
Update all drivers, including windows update SP1

I am running out of ideas, does anyone have a clue?
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  1. does it really matter? And please explain more.
  2. yeah it matters, i run an audio editing software. when the cpu usage goes up and down like that the software hungs up but the music continues playing.

    its wouldnt matter if as it does is jumping up and down but it slows the the computer and hang up application.

    i doubt its a software issue because i reset the laptop to factory defaults but that didnt resolve the issue, so i reformat the machine and it still didnt solve the issue and the reason why i did it twice because its my first time restoring so the image that came with the laptop might be bad or the image has so much application it just eats up all the processes so i ran out of ideas i reformat the whole thing. but it didnt solve anything.
  3. Or your cpu is too slow to run the software, but what exact cpu is it?
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