MSI Z77 MPOWER stuck with 62 Bug Code.

Only got the mpowe mobo use for less than a week, when i switch the virtu bios setting, it mess up stuck in 62 debug code won't post. At first the bio swap button work, i make a mistake go back to virtu again to change something cause it mess up, reset cmos doesn't work. Probably a dead mobo i think now. This mobo can't oc pass 4.4ghz with dual fan cooling in 3770k.
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  1. Shut power supply OFF, disconnect from wall outlet. Then remove CMOS battery for five minutes, reinstall battery, then plug back into wall outlet turn power supply back on and try to boot to BIOS.
  2. it doesn't work, did all that. Since not able to get to post, basically the board is been fry. has to send rma.
  3. did u ever fix the problem, all you had to do was disconnect your video card out. plug the 6 pin power connector to the vid on board, turn on the system and it would turn on then go on bios and press default settings. disconnect the 6pin from the motherboard vid connector and install your video card back on reboot and your done.
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