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Sorry if I am putting this in the wrong forum but here goes. I'm building a new computer for the new Star Wars MMO and a couple people are telling me that the CPU is more essential for these games than the GPU especially considering the game isn't high on the graphics. Due to a small budget I have to take out the quality of either the CPU or GPU. What should I do? I have two options.

A: NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti + AMD Phenom™ II X4 955
B: NVIDIA GTX 560/+ Intel i5-2500

Thanks in advance.
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  1. the intel performs way better in games.
  2. Alright thanks. Buuut if I cut down the RAM from 8 to 4 GB's I can afford both the GTX 560 Ti and the Intel i5 2500 processor. Adding RAM is so easy down the road though so in a couple months I can probably upgrade that.

    Problem is that the site is telling me I'm better off with the 560 Ti and the Phenom 955 but that can't possibly be true right?
  3. i think its telling you you're better off like that because you can get the 560ti and the 955, and the 8gb. i mean thats a good choice, BUT the intel will still be better for games. and yes upgrading ram is pretty easy since prices continue to drop pretty fast, ( last week ddr3 ram was about 3-4 dollars more than it is right now)

    so do that, get the intel cpu and the 560 Ti and the 4gb ram. its your best option. and yeah just upgrad ram later. :D
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