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I have a ranch home. Cable modem, D Link wireless G router and main PC are on main floor (south end); 2nd pc is in basement (north end, maybe 40 feet away). My signal is not good down there. I'm thinking I want to run some cat 5e down from the wireless router and connect it to another wireless router in the basement to improve the signal. Is my logic reasonable? If so, any suggestions on brands/models? Thanks!

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  1. any G or N wireless router will do.

    If you intent to share files between the PC, configure the new router as a Access Point.
  2. Ok, thanks...

    Kind of a brain-dead follow-up question:

    I have security set up on my existing router. When I hardwire to my new router downstairs, and then try to connect to IT from the downstairs PC, it will be the 2nd router's security that my downstairs PC "uses," right?

    No issue with both the upstairs and the downstairs router being secured?
  3. there are two ways to set this up:

    1) as a AP (access point) which will allow you to share files between the upstairs and the downstairs. ONLY the main router has security and DHCP enabled.

    2) as a wireless router; therefore, creating two separate networks (no file sharing). Both router have security and DHCP enabled.
  4. Ok, thanks. Sounds like the AP route is the way I'd want to go.

    I'm going to buy a basic TP Link unless anyone wants to stop me!

    Thanks again!
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    since you have a D-Link your gateway should be you want your new router to match the IP scheme of your main router.

    Once you have the router connect it to a computer and log in.

    setup you wireless security. preferably WPA2. Save settings

    then disable the DHCP and set the LAN IP to
    Save settings

    Now connect the network cable coming from the D-Link to one of the four LAN ports on your new router. Do NOT use the WAN/Internet port.
  6. Thanks very much!

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  8. I have an ADSL connection in my home and I want another DSL router to broadcast the internet wifi in the top floor....What should I do for this?
  9. SabalKshetri said:
    What should I do for this?
    As described above.

    Use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to an access point. The AP need not be capable as a DSL modem, so practically any one you can buy will do. If you absolutely cannot run an Ethernet cable, then powerline networking is the second best option to get the network upstairs and can include an AP built into the device.
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