Got a bunch of old RAM..

So my dad bought a bunch of computer components at a garage sale and of course now have to find a use for these. They're mostly DDR's, PC100's anywhere ranging from 64mb to 256mb.

I could sell them on ebay but majority of them don't have anything but the model number or serial which i would have to do an internet search on each card. Couldn't sell them as a lot as i'm sure someone would need to know a bit about the cards before buying the whole thing. (or maybe i could do that)

I was hoping that since i do have almost one of every component for a PC (minus the motherboard and optical drive) used for simple tasks. I might be able to get at least a couple of systems made and depending on what i can add RAM wise i could either install linux or if i can find a motherboard with at least 4 RAM slots (256mb each) i could get a decent amount of RAM for Win7.

I have built a system before but it was mostly guided (picking out the motherboard then the compatible parts). The tough part is finding a motherboard that is compatible. I did try to find something like a PCI adapter that could add more RAM to the system (if that's even possible) as i do have an older system that doesn't have much overall RAM capacity.

I figured that it might be easiest to recycle the ones without the information (other then the serial/model number) then sell the rest on ebay. Anyway i'm looking for any suggestions.

With the RAM cards there's also quite a few processors here. All are Intel and range from 2.0-3.4Ghz & a few Duo processors in the mix. These i could either use or sell.
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  1. For windows 7 I wouldn't go lower then 2gb of ram or you'll start to feel the slowness, Linux or XP would be the best bet if you cant get 2gb. Win 7 says it needs 1gb of ram, I found any laptop or PC with 1gb or ram was a pain more then anything.

    Intel Duo cpu's are still decent enough for web browsing and other sorts, good for younger kids, or even just a file server. Most of the time when I get DDR memory thats less then 512mb, I toss it, I hate running even xp on 512mb ram, lol.
  2. 1GB on Win7 can be a pain but i find it doable when your not multitasking or running high RAM program usage. 1GB or higher is more ideal for XP. I had 512mb on a laptop and upgraded since i was always resorting to the page file. My 2.2Ghz single core AMD Sempron still works well even with Win7 for light usage & i tend to prioritize programs when multitasking which helps. It tends to bottleneck when i'm listening to music/watching videos and browsing the internet at the same time but i don't lose much or any frames since VLC is usually on high priority.

    I'll probably start with the Duo CPU as it'll probably be a bit easier to find a working motherboard.

    I don't have anything to test these RAM cards with to see if they are any good so i might just recycle those or just sell the entire box (not individually) & maybe someone might need them.

    The PSU's are going to be fun to try out as i don't really have a dud computer to work with, other then my 99' PC but some of these PSU's are up to 400watts, haven't really gone through that box yet.
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