New build for friend, please comment

Hi everyone. I am building my friend a new computer and i just wanted a few people to agree that this build is worth it.

We got an i5 2500k for 170 at a local store, along with a nice 800W cooler master power supply, modular, gold plus 80.

Next up is the rest of the parts, I'm stuck between 2 main setups.

If we go with this ram

there is a combo deal with the mobo and he can afford a 6870.

If we go with this ram

we lose the combo and go back to getting a 6850.

Here are all the components in the cart right now.

Will the corsair ram be good enough? Should I go with a different mobo?

The idea is to stay under 500 dollars for all of these components. (exluding i5 and psu).

Thanks for any comments/suggestions
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  1. Your newegg links don't work.

    The corsair vengence RAM in your parts list is good RAM. The list is very good but you should know that 800W is a lot of overkill for your gpu. You've already got it, so nothing you can do, but in the future you can fit a lot more graphics on 800W.
  2. Sorry, i copied and pasted from my Guru3d Post. I know the PSU is overkill, but he wanted to be able to upgrade the GPU come christmas time. So i figured why not get a quality one right now. Plus it was only 120 dollars at the local store.

    Here are the links.


  3. corsair is good ram. this promo code: EMCKAKA32 works with the mobo + ram combo, fyi.
  4. The corsair RAM is fine from a performance standpoint, but those heat spreaders could get in the way of some aftermarket heatsinks. You're safe getting the combo, but be aware that if you ever plan to overclock (or just buy a replacement for the terrible sandy bridge heat sink) then you'll have to check that your replacement heat sink will clear the ram.

    The rest of your parts look good. The Challenger and Spinpoint are what I would recommend and those combos are reasonably good deals.
  5. It comes with deus ex and is avapor x
  6. i just dont consider vapor x to be worth $25:
    but hey, its not my computer.
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