GTX 580 issues

It has been awhile....maybe 4 months or so since I have messed with the EVGA 580....been sitting in a drawer.
System specs are:
MB: Asus P6T deluxe
CPU: Intel I-7 920 (stock)
Mem: Corsair Dominator 6 gigs 1600
HDD: Pri. W.D. Caviar Black 750 gig. Sec: WD Caviar Green 1 tb
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W Modular
Case: HAF 932
CPU Cooler: True 120 Extreme

Wanted to get a DX-11 Card to pop into my system for newer games and had the money so I bought the 580. It worked for about 2 weeks then the display driver crashes started and the artifacts in games. Hard boots fixed them for a little while then they came back.....used driver sweeper to install all new drivers numerous times but to no avail...poped the 295 in and all is great no problems. Well the other day I thought might as well try it again with the newest drivers and it worked for about 24 hours then the artifacts started again....but no mention of display driver crashing. poped the 295 back in with the same drivers as I had just downloaded for the 580 and no problems what so ever. Man a brand new 580 and also 2 460s all doing the same thing, but the older 295 runs great.....anyone know what it might be??? Am thinking that in november I am going sandie bridge....might fix MB and Processor and ram and new PSU. What do ya'll think....I am out of ideas....been building systems since 1994 and this one has me skunked!!!!

I originally thought my PSU was weak.....but if it runs the older more power hungry 295 just fine then it shouldn't be that!!!
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  1. Well, guess I am out of luck. I have read about the TDR issues and even gone as far as using regedit to find the entries that the windows 7 forum advised could be edited....I can find none of them...nowhere can I find the TDR set to 1 in the currentsystem/graphics/graphicscontrol have even searched on just TDR and lots of entries but none coforming to what Microsoft says...even the sub/sub/sub directory is different. Guess the 580 will set idle till I build my next system....perhaps then
    I can use it. I do know my motherboard (Asus P6T Deluxe) drivers that came with the board are NOT for Win 7. Won't even get to setup.....says wrong Windows I had to go to Asus and download each one idividually and put on a thumb drive to get them to load. So therein might be my problem....I miss the days when IRQ conflicts and DMA conflicts were the hardest thing to fix, lol....Anyway, thanks for reading and Have a great day folks....I know if noone here has the answer.....It doesn't exist...To many bright and knowledgable folks on here. I know it is probably me....something I have done wrong....ya know I used to be good at this stuff...seems technology is passing me by....not enough nuerons firing any more...kinda sad I is a younger mans, never thought I would hear myself say that....keep the fires burning folks....I guess I have become to old to get er done anymore....Thanks for your help all these years...god bless.
  2. Given that the 460 does the same thing, it means its not a problem with your 580, but a problem with win 7 and/or the drivers.
    What i would do in this situation, would be to reinstall win 7 from scratch, make sure to install the correct version drivers (32/64bit).
    I have seen people posting about crashes and artefacts for a long time, (happens with many cards not only the 580), i never seen a reliable fix without reinstalling windows.
    Also make sure you dont use the 295 in that system anymore.
    My old system had a 8800gtx running under xp/vista 32 bit (dual boot), then i upgraded the card to a 480gtx. Everything worked well until the 480 fan died.
    I put the 8800 back in and the problems started, drivers stopped responding, crashes bla bla. Messing with drivers and such didnt do anything, so i guess something messes up when you switch to an older generation card.
  3. Fermi more often has problems than previous generations before it. Do you have another system to test your cards to rule out hardware? The psu is ok though as the gtx 295 and the gtx 580 are very close when it comes to power consumption.
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