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"The best" anything question is avoided very often with product testers & such with the excuse that different people have different needs. My question is who has the best overall memory. These are the different points I'm inquiring about: reliability or durability, overall performance, style (just how awesome it looks), special features, heat spreaders. With all these points & any others I missed, who has the best memory out there, money not being a option, within reason.
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  1. Crucial or Samsung, most memory is made by just a few companies. The modules are then installed on to pcbs' of aftermarket companies.
  2. I like the Corsair Dominator Platinum, but it's hard to find 8gb stick in the speed that I want, 2133mhz. I know what some good ones are. I just wonder if there is a particular company that surpasses the others in the qualities that I mentioned & any others I might have missed. Thanks for your input.
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