Improvements i can make on my hardware

Hi Community,
I have decided to make a few changes to my specs and need your advice on further improvements that i can make towards my hardware before i get it. The PC will be primarily for gaming

-I will be mainly playing new demanding games such as Black Ops, Crysis 2
-I will not be OCing the computer
-I will probably do very little video editing/conversion on it

The specifications are as followed

CPU: Intel i5 2500
Memory: 2x4GB Kit G.Skill Ripjaws-X DDR3-1600
Motherboard: ASUS P8P67-LE-V3
Graphics: Powercolour Radeon HD 6970
Case: Coolermaster HAF 932
PSU: Corsair HX-750W
Extras: ASUS SATA DVDRW Burner
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  1. There is not a whole lot you could do to improve that set-up, mate. An SSD would likely be quite an upgrade from that 'Caviar Black', and maybe a sound-card wouldn't hurt either.
  2. not that im being rude or anything but why would a sound card be needed when theres already 7.1 surround sound intergrated into the motherboard already.

    For the SSD do you have any specific ones that you would recommed? i need a ssd that is able to fit all my OS/Apps that i need for work

    I will also be running Lion Hackint0sh on my PC
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    If space is an issue, a large ssd may be a bit pricey. One way you could maintain the space you need and still get near ssd speeds would be to get a Z68 chipset mobo so you can add a small ssd later for intel smart response. If ssd like performance is not an issue, the one thing I would recommend from you list is to maybe up the wattage of the PSU, so you're a bit more free to add a 2nd 6970 later if you want for X-fire. I went with a gigabyte Z68 board, and a 1.5TB hitachi drive with a 20gb intel SSD for smart response, and I'm very happy. I also went with the 850 watt corsair, and run 2 OC'd 6950's off of it. I was happy I gave myself some room with the PSU.
  4. I really could not care that much about OS loading speeds, as long as everything is ready to go under 30secs. I think probably space wont be such a big issue because the only thing i will have on my wd caviar black is games and some random applications. I still have a Hitachi 500GB which i am probably going to install Hackint0sh on.

    I heard that when CFing with a P67 the performance is bad on the 2nd slot because it runs at x4 not at x8 like the primary slot?

    What do you think of the Corsair TX-850W? The place where i get my computer parts from only sells up to 750W for the Corsair HX series so getting a 850W HX series is not a option.

    Other than the PSU is everything else ok?
  5. anyone care to explain?
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